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Sindhu Nandakumar
Founder & Consulting Psychotherapist @ Mindspa
Masters in Counselling Psychology
Certified EFT/ NLP/ Hypnotherapy/ REBT/ CBT Practitioner

“I perceive psychological counselling as a great source of relief and comfort to help others through their tough times. I have witnessed my clients emerge calmer, more confident, more resilient and peaceful after a counselling session simply because having someone there who listens and understands without being judgements is very powerful and can result in a change on a huge scale. Still, I realized at the initial stages of my practice that not even 2 % of the total population who needs help comes up to a psychologist for help. This was basically due to the fear of self-exposure or what others might think if they are found visiting a psychologist. The launch of Mindspa, an online counselling site where anyone can seek mental help without revealing their identity is a result of this realization. Feel free to connect with us from any part of the world, any time sitting at the comfort of your favourite place. Remember we are here to make you understand your situations and take charge of your emotional baggage’s without disturbing your personal space.”

Why Mindspa?

Mindspa being an online counselling portal provides the traditional experience of counselling with the benefit of digital convenience at the same time.

You’ll have all the confidentiality and help that you require, no matter where and when you are.​

  • Choosing an expert without any geographical limit
  • Ability to find a therapist who has expertise on your particular issue or is knowledgeable about your background
  • Scheduling flexible consulting hours as per your convenience
  • Reducing the effort of travelling and saving travelling cost & time-saving
  • Improved Anonymity by saving you from the  social stigma of visiting a psychologist’s clinic
  • Availing different modes of counselling like:
    • Text messaging through chat or email
    • Voice chat through telephonic or audio messages
    • Video conferencing through ToTok (Android or iOS) or similar apps